Elevating relationships through mentoring

LIFT Mentoring is connecting businesses and individuals to make an impact on our collective future.

Why become a partner?

When a business or individual partners with LIFT, you’re driving equity for all through facilitating mentoring relationships with your human resource. Your partnership with LIFT is an intentional commitment to a mentorship program while helping the community bridge gaps and create harmonious relationships. 

"When you start to see positive change in someone's life, it makes everything else worth it."

Ready to make a difference?

When you become a mentor, you’re helping people in our community grow and develop into the leaders of the future.

The path to mentorship

Discover Your Impact

Fill out the form to start the process. This is an opportunity for us to learn about your business and who you are, why you want to get involved, and what areas of meaningful mentorship are for your organization.

Choose An Opportunity

After submitting the application, a member of our team will get in touch with you and discuss opportunities for plugging in. At that time, we'll set up training and start making the connection with our non-profit partners.

Start Mentoring

Now it's time to begin the journey of mentoring. We hope that being a LIFT partner brings great rewards to your team, knowing that every moment you spend investing in the people of our community is developing and growing the leaders of tomorrow.

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It's been great to be able to play a small part in giving back to our community. LIFT Lakeland does a great job connecting mentors to those who need them.

John LaFevers Mentor

I'm grateful for LIFT Lakeland. They genuinely care about the youth in our community and getting them plugged in to beneficial mentoring relationships.

Lisa Carrigan Mentor

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