Frequently Asked Questions

LIFT Mentoring FAQs

LIFT Mentoring is helping elevate existing mentoring organizations by connecting business partners and individuals to provide essential human resource with sustainable mentoring solutions. LIFT Mentoring is bridging the gaps through people-centered solutions.

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Because at some point in our lives, we all need a helping hand to overcome obstacles. 

LIFT Mentoring was birthed from the LIFT Lakeland initiative in response to the rising awareness of social injustice and racial tensions throughout the United States. Mayor Bill Mutz and the City of Lakeland Commissioners enacted a community-wide survey of residents to identify where Lakelanders were interested in creating positive change. 

Become a mentor as an organization or individual. Join our corporate mentor program to build a culture of community impact with your Leaders Impacting Futures Together.

Over the summer of 2020, the conversations started being publicly held on how Lakeland would address social injustice and elevating existing mentoring organizations by connecting business partners and individuals to provide essential human resource for sustainable mentoring solutions. 

Right now LIFT Mentoring is serving Lakeland, FL, with hopes of expanding to the other communities throughout Polk County. 

The LIFT Stakeholders have created a program and metrics to define the success of the mentoring program. 

Speak to your employer about building a LIFT Mentor Team within your organization and apply here


Your company or organization’s commitment needs to be defined prior to application. The LIFT Mentors recommend a minimum of 2 hours per individual each month. 

Our nonprofit partners have different needs and timelines, just like the mentees entering their mentorship programs. A minimum of 1 year commitment is required; however; do not be surprised if the relationship lasts a lifetime. 

City of Lakeland

Madden Branded Goods

CPS Investment Advisors

Excellent Exteriors

Lakeland Rotary 

Submit your interest form, and then lead your coworkers and employees to build a sustainable mentorship program.

The LIFT team will assess your application with our Nonprofit Partners to determine which mentorship program best suits your interests and availability.

Mentoring is one way your company can provide value to the community, unlocking the greatest potential within those you mentee. Not only are you providing a human resource but you will be empowering future Leaders.

All training and compliance is performed in coordination with the Nonprofit Partner you are paired with. 

One point of contact will need to be coordinated with your company or organization. LIFT will assign a nonprofit point of contact to you.

Non-Profit Mentor Agency FAQs

If you would like your nonprofit to be considered for the LIFT Mentoring program, please email

LIFT is actively building relationships with companies, individuals, and community leaders to build a network of individuals who are committed to Mentoring. 

The point of contact for our nonprofit partners is Angie Pattison. 

Engaging newcomers and local leaders to bolster your nonprofit’s mission and vision, building relationships, and growing your supporter base.

As a nonprofit partner you will be requested to communicate opportunities for our network of LIFT Mentors, as well as, keep accurate records for data and measurement. 

Advocate FAQs

Share with your friends and acquaintances, promote mentorship at your place of work and worship, and follow us on social media. 

We are actively fostering relationships with a community of businesses and individuals to build a pipeline of human resource for our nonprofit partners. Unlike many programs who seek volunteers organically, we are making the connections for them. 

Our only request is to continue to LIFT people up while bridging the gap.